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Scientific Essays

Authors Year Title PDF Notes
Wigler, M. 1990 GAPs in understanding Ras. Nature, 346: 696-7. PMID: 2201920 PDF
Wigler, M. and Mishra, B. 2002 Wild by Nature. Science, 296: 1408-1408. PMID: 12029116 PDF
Wigler, M. 2012 Broad applications of single-cell nucleic acid analysis in biomedical research. Genome Med 4: 79. PDF
Michael Ronemus, Ivan Iossifov, Dan Levy and Michael Wigler 2014 The role of de novo mutations in the genetics of autism spectrum disorders. Nature Reviews, Genetics Volume 15 PDF
Wigler, M., Tessier-Lavigne, M., Axel, R., Baltimore, D. Maniatis, T., Botsten, D., Simons, J., Stillman, B. Watson. J. 2014 How to Cure Ebola and Curb the Epidemic. Thomson-Reuters, NY Nov. 7, 2014. PDF
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